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Computer repair

Computer repair for SMEs and self-employed. 514-869-6234

You are having trouble with your PC, they are slower than usual or they are downright useless or broken. Our company is in charge. We perform cleaning needs, we replace worn parts or repair your computer, we can even reinstall your programs. We can also offer alternatives so as not to slow down your productivity.

Jaky computer repair gives you access to a computer technician who will handle all the necessary work. All repairs done on your computer or on your network will be made by a qualified technician. Our computer repairmen will do everything necessary to ensure that any inconvenience caused by these failures had the shortest time possible.
We repair laptop or desktop computer desktop. We can also repair your network, your cabling and your computer systems in general.

We offer a fast and professional on-site computer repair in your business. We offer computer repair services in the cities of Vaudreuil, city of st-laurent and in the greater Montreal area.

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-Computer equipment

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