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Large companies have the financial resources to offer a complete IT department including a computer consultant. This is not always the case for small businesses and even less for the self-employed. Needs for services, however, are real.

To overcome this lack of resources and opportunities, the company Jaky technological solutions gives you the opportunity to have access to a computer consultant who will give you advice and will guide you in the purchase of computer equipment, in computer facilities and the preferred type of technology to be used to meet the needs of your business.

Because computers and computer systems have become essential elements of any organization, it is very important to surround yourself with a computer consultant who knows how and who can offer expertise and knowledge that will ensure stability of your facilities and your business growth.

Jaky computer consultant offers consulting services and offers different solutions to be applied such as the installation of your equipment, cabling, management and security of your network infrastructure. Every business deserves a quality department, which is why we offer you effectively to meet your technology needs. With all services offered by our company you will have on hand all the tools necessary for the proper functioning of your business and especially to have peace of mind.

Jaky offers a computer consultant for all small and medium enterprises and the self-employed in the cities of Vaudreuil, St-Laurent, West Island and the greater Montreal area.

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